Evry Partner-Program-platinum

EVRY is one of the largest IT companies in the Nordics, providing extensive deliveries to Nordic companies, financial institutions, national public sector entities, municipalities and health authorities.

Millions of people use services delivered by EVRY each day. You use services operated by EVRY whenever you:

  • Receive a SMS text message from the post office about a delivery
  • Check information on the National Population Register
  • Collect an e-prescription from a pharmacy
  • Receive your tax assessment from the tax authorities
  • Apply for a place at kindergarten for your child
  • Contact the driver and vehicle licensing authority
  • Use internet banking, online credit card services or mobile banking
  • Authorise internet banking transactions with an electronic signature

Information technology is not just about data, it is part of people’s lives. EVRY works every day to deliver what our business vision promises: Embrace infinite opportunities.

EVRY has 10.000 employees and has a local presence in 50 towns and cities across the Nordic countries, with particular emphasis on Norway and Sweden. In addition, EVRY owns businesses in India and the Ukraine that contribute significant deliveries to Nordic customers in addition to providing services to customers in other European countries and in the USA.