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Welcome to ISTQB in Norway – the Norwegian Testing Board. We provide some information in english. Use google translate (click here) if you would like to read this site in «english». If you need additional information please contact our board leader (see contact page), your local testing board or go to www.istqb.org.

Software systems are omnipresent. It is not infrequent that the lives of peoples depend on the smooth and reliable functioning of software; one example of this is medical technology. Professional verification and testing of software has become an increasingly important task in today’s world that requires well-founded education. This is why software testing professionals from all over the world have come together in order to work out and define standardized contents for further education.


See on the right section on all pages for next planned exam («Neste eksamen») by the Norwegian Testing Board. The exam-date and town is noted in the list.

Read and understand the English version of the exam terms and conditions (Candidates must pre-pay, and show the receipt before the exam).

If you want to take the exam, please fill out the exam registration form (at bottom of each announced exam) or email the document order form (bestilling_eksamen_eng_v1.7) to the exam coordinator. You need to specify whether you want to take the exam in Norwegian or English. For an advanced exam, please indicate what kind of advanced exam you need. If you take the exam in another language than your mother language, you are allowed 25% extra time, and the use a dictionary between your native language and the exam language.

Seminar teachers have no access to either exam questions or the exam room. The exam material is managed by the exam manager. Teachers contact people interested in taking an exam and then organize the exam to be held. In principle we will be able to arrange an exam at least once per half year in any major city in Norway. An exam is scheduled if there are at least five people who want to take it. Exams in Norway are arranged solely on (your) request. An exam does NOT require that you have attended a seminar.

Exam preparation

All information about Syllabi and exams ( included trial exams) can be found here: https://www.istqb.org/certifications/certification-list

Training providers – Ordering exams

Exams to be arranged on behalf of seminar providers should be ordered using the exam request form for seminar providers in English or Norwegian. The form must be mailed to the exam coordinator. Such exams should be ordered one month in advance for Foundation exams and two months for Advanced exams because we have to arrange for an exam guard.

For public exam dates see the column at the right and send mail to the examination coordinator.

Exam fees

See http://www.istqb-norge.no/sertifisering/gebyrer/


Since software testers testers are required to be both competent and qualified, the Norwegian Testing Board offers exams to be IREB Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering. Contact the exam coordinator of NTB if you are interested in an exam.